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This community was given birth to on August 16, 2003. That's ca_boum 's birthday. Not mine :-]

"Ca boum" is French for many things. If someone asked you "What's happening," you could say "Ca boum" which means something like "I'm cool." Also, "boum" is an informal way of saying party! That said, this community is for things that are "cool" and "party". Shit, that connection didn't work out too well. Merde. It makes sense if i say it does, right? Sarah, the maintainer, is always right.

So, you members, post things [stories, thoughts, pictures, drawings, ideas, quotes, links, people, songs, movies, genitalia, upholstered chairs...] that are cool or that you have an unhealthy obsession with. Judging by the wide range of crap i just listed there, this community is quite general. However, no one wants to hear your stinky goth poetry. Or how you love your girlfriend so much and you walk around with your hands in each other's ass-pockets. None of that or you get the boot in the "cul". And especially no French bashing. Those are my only rules.

Now, JOIN! Share!


**Ca_boum was brought to you by me [clairabee], xtine [rainfalling0nme], and chris [indrema].**